Away from the noise.

Away from the constant disagreements.

Hiding from the intoxicating hopelessness.

Choosing to be better in any given opportunity.

Wearing floaties instead of anchors in this rushing river.

I'm just going to write here.

I'm not going to wave my hands in your face.

I'll be sitting right here, quietly whispering observations.

While I try to make sense of it all... and becoming OK with never knowing.

This is July 8th, 2021

(Exactly 3 months and one day... an hour and a half... since my mom passed away.)

I feel lonely, but warm and falling into my own internal comfort.

Why of all days, did so many people suddenly decide to reach out today?

I feel bad because I hid.

I hid only in order to get a lot of things done that I've been putting off.

But it worked.